Choose WDR Video Surveillance

Although you might understand the importance of using video cameras at your home, you may not understand the many options available in the systems sold today. It is important to take a bit of time learning as much information as possible concerning the options so you provide the full protection that you deserve and want. You can talk to a professional and ask questions and use the Internet to find out more. Take the time to do this!

One way to enhance the video surveillance systems kansas city mo that you use is to choose the best output for your video. Not all output will provide the same quality results when it is time to playback the video. Wide Dynamic Range, or WDR, offers the best picture for most people’s needs.

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WDR works great when installed anywhere in the home but it does an excellent job of showing a picture in darker situations that other videos may not show, such as at garage entrances and at the end of a dim hallway.  When WDR is used, videos are clear, precise and balanced so it is easy to focus on the image that is before you without getting any distractions in the mix. The camera’s software balances the lighting when there is both night and daylight so the tone mapping gives the best picture.

Many people who install video surveillance systems at their homes use WDR quality, but it also works great for businesses, too. It is especially beneficial for businesses that have large windows in the front but few windows in the back. Auto dealerships and many other types of businesses prefer to use WDR in their video surveillance system setup. People trust WDR because it shows a clear picture when it is needed, no matter the situation at hand. Not all quality video formats offer that benefit.